“biztalk mllp does not work”

I was looking through the stats on the blog (not sure if that counts as sad or just narcissistic) and was amused to see the search term "biztalk mllp does not work" as one of the links to a post. Now I feel a bit bad as I don’t think I have written anything that would be of particular use to the searcher. So, if you happen to read this, post what the issue is. I’d definitely interested. Sometime picking up parts of this technology can be highly frustrating for no apparent reason!

As a matter of interest, I believe I have said those very words. There was definitely an issue in the released versions where the MLLP adapter would do "odd" things. The oddest would occur when the adapter had not received a message for a while. It would go to sleep and the first message it would receive would "wake" the port, but the message would be eaten without trace. Highly frustrating when you are developing/testing, and a problem not usually seen in a production environment where messages are received frequently enough to avoid this issue.

Check out the changes made to the MLLP Adapter in BizTalk 2006 R2; specifically to the Persistent Connection Management on MLLP send and receive. It’s now possible to set the connection to persist; ie. never close. This may well solve the issue.

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1 Response to ““biztalk mllp does not work””

  1. 1 kishore April 14, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    Hi, I can configured a MLLP receive port to recive Lab orders. The messages are received by the MLLP port and sent to the BT engine when sent by MLLPSend tool, but no messages are received when sent from the actual application itself. I have used the network monitor to see whether the messages are comming through to the port and they are comming all the time.
    any thoughts about this please?


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