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Virtual PC and Standby

Ok, I learnt a valuable lesson this week. If you are developing on a Virtual PC and you have to run to a meeting while the Undo disk changes are being saved, make sure your computer doesn’t go off. In fact, stay where you are and let the changes commit before anything else. Really. Otherwise you get a slew of corruptions on the disk, and lose all your work.


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Presenting at the Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference

So today, my colleague and Jason Shantz and I, are presenting at the SOA conference on Healthcare Enterprise Integration. The presentation will be a combination of a review of work I have done in a previous organisation and some thoughts on how we could improve on the solution using modern SOA techniques and frameworks.

Now, I personally hate presenting in front of large groups. So this should be either interesting, or just downright scary! If you are at the conference, come by and say hi!

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